FAIRFIELD NuFoamTM Roll - 60.5cm x 2.5cm x 6.75m (24″ x 1″ x 712yd)

Product Code: 2009241

Poly-Fil® Nu-Foam® is a safe alternative to conventional foam that is made from densified polyester batting. It is mildew resistant, and won’t yellow or disintegrate. It’s perfect for chair cushions, deck furniture, camping, futons, crib bumpers, playpen mats, recreational vehicle accessories and more. Made from compressed layers of 100% polyester. Poly-Fil® Nu-Foam® works best for occasional seating as it will compress over time. We recommend using Nu-Foam® that is 1” thicker than your intended cushion to allow for compression. It will be a snug fit inside the cover. Care Instructions: Hand wash and air dry.

Brand: Fairfield